Elevating Tourism through Sports: Prachuap Province Unveils “Hidden Wow” Bicycle Initiative


In a significant stride towards boosting tourism and promoting local sports activities, a press conference was convened by Ms. Sangchan Kaew Prathumrasmee, representing Tourism and Sports in Prachuap Province. The event unfolded on August 22, 2023, at the Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports, with key stakeholders and prominent figures gracing the occasion.

The heart of the event revolved around the unveiling of the “1 Province 1 Sport Event” initiative, specifically highlighting the bicycle-oriented endeavor named “Hidden Wow, Prachuap Khiri Khan.” This endeavor falls under the broader campaign “Chill @ Thap Sakae,” aimed at elevating the allure of the region. Present at the press conference were Mr. Somjate Chareonsong, the District Chief of Thap Sakae; Mr. Achawan Kongkanan, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Prachuap Office; and Mr. Posit Kruewan, Advisor to the Prachuap Province Tourism Business Association and Head of Thap Sakae Cycling Group. Their collective efforts were underscored by representatives from various fields including culture, tourism, energy, and public health, along with esteemed figures like Dr. Pramote Phetsart, Acting President of the Association of Tourism Business Provincial Tourism.

The pivotal message of Ms. Sangchan Kaew Prathumrasmee, Tourism and Sports representative, resounded throughout the conference. She divulged that the main event, scheduled for Sunday, August 27, 2023, at Thung Pradu Temple in Thap Sakae, aimed to establish connections between tourist landmarks and community attractions. This aligned with the broader strategy to advance tourism in secondary destinations, harmonized with the campaign “Pin HIDDEN WOW @ Prachuap Khiri Khan.”

The “1 Province 1 Sports Activities” initiative, aligned with guidelines from the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Sports, was a notable highlight. This project synergized sports and tourism, capitalizing on sports as a catalyst for economic growth, community development, and environmental preservation. The collaborative efforts between governmental bodies, local communities, and tourism stakeholders were particularly emphasized, with meticulous planning, route selection, safety measures, and data collection ensuring the success of the endeavor.

Anticipation was high for the upcoming event, “Chill @ Thap Sakae,” with expectations of over a thousand participants from across Thailand. The event was projected to inject a significant economic boost of not less than 2 million baht to the Prachuap Province. Moreover, the potential for sustained economic benefits, return visits, and word-of-mouth promotion was acknowledged.

Mr. Somjate Chareonsong, Thap Sakae District Chief, underscored the district’s preparedness to welcome cycling enthusiasts. The careful planning, safety measures, and seamless cooperation with local authorities were designed to ensure a smooth experience for participants covering a 55-kilometer route. Safety provisions included police supervision, medical support, and communication along the route. The spacious Thung Pradu Temple venue was set to accommodate a considerable crowd, while the district’s diverse accommodations would cater to the visiting tourists.

Mr. Phosit Kruawan, leader of the Thap Sakae cycling group, extolled the region’s appeal. He highlighted the area’s blend of coastal and mountainous attractions, ranging from pristine beaches to captivating waterfalls. Notably, attractions such as Koh Chan Thai Tree Island and Huai Yang Waterfalls offered an enriching experience for participants, aligning with the district’s potential as a hub for sports and health tourism.

The joint efforts of the Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports, Thap Sakae District, and local administrative bodies were celebrated for orchestrating this bicycle-centric spectacle, “Hidden Wow @ Prachuap Khiri Khan.” The event’s theme, encapsulating cycling, scenic beauty, temple visits, and local engagement, resonated with the upcoming Thap Sakae Ma Prang Day festival. This convergence promised participants an immersive experience into the district’s offerings, encompassing community products, processed fruits, seafood, and other local delights.

In the realm of tourism and sports, this initiative marked a promising step towards synergizing leisure, athleticism, and regional promotion. As the wheels of anticipation turned, all eyes were on Thap Sakae, poised to welcome enthusiasts and spectators to an experience that seamlessly blended the charm of sport with the allure of the region.

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