Traffic Restrictions on Laem Bali Hai Bridge for Ongoing Repairs


In light of recent developments involving vehicular access on the Laem Bali Hai Bridge, an essential connection in Pattaya’s infrastructure, authorities have implemented temporary traffic restrictions. This decision has been necessitated by ongoing repair work to address structural deterioration detected on the bridge’s foundation. The bridge, an integral passage used by both locals and tourists, requires reinforcement due to corrosion issues that have arisen over the years.

The efforts to restore the bridge’s integrity are being carried out by skilled technicians who are tasked with meticulously reinforcing the bridge’s aged steel structures, some of which have succumbed to rust. The maintenance undertaking has involved the careful planning and execution of repair processes, including the temporary closure of vehicular access.

On August 24th,2023 at approximately 13:00, a heartening display of collaboration between medical professionals, law enforcement, and the patient’s family was witnessed. In a situation where a bedridden patient needed to be transported onto a boat, a compassionate agreement was reached between the authorities and the family. Understanding the necessity of the repair work, the patient’s family cooperated with the seamless transfer of the patient onto the vessel. Both ambulance staff and law enforcement personnel worked together to ensure a smooth transition, providing assistance and shelter for the patient.

  1. Nature of Structural Wear and Tear

The structural damage observed on the bridge has been attributed to the gradual corrosion of its iron framework, stemming from prolonged usage since its construction around 2003. The explosion-like marks on the metal framework are direct consequences of this ongoing wear and tear.

  1. Progress of Restoration Work

The restoration work beneath the bridge has reached a significant milestone, with approximately 300 days dedicated to the overall project timeline. The repairs, initiated in June 2023, are projected to conclude around April 2024. Diligent efforts are being exerted to expedite the process and ensure timely and efficient project completion.

  1. Addressing Concerns and Mitigating Disruptions

In response to concerns stemming from the temporary vehicular restrictions, authorities have facilitated ambulance access to the pier by meticulously coordinating with repair crews. This ensures the seamless transfer of patients from ambulance to boat and vice versa, maintaining public safety and medical accessibility.

Furthermore, a contingency plan has been devised to utilize an alternative pier in the vicinity of the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center, allowing for patient transfers during the ongoing bridge repairs.

As the repair project progresses, authorities remain committed to preserving the safety and convenience of both residents and visitors. By addressing the structural concerns of the Laem Bali Hai Bridge, Pattaya demonstrates its commitment to the responsible management of its vital infrastructure.

Editorial Staff
Author: Editorial Staff

Provider of news and content to Heaven is Hua Hin

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
Provider of news and content to Heaven is Hua Hin


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