King Grants Royal Commutation, Reduces Thaksin’s Sentence to One Year


In a significant development that has captured the attention of the nation, His Majesty the King has extended a Royal commutation, leading to a notable reduction in the prison term for the former Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. The original sentence of eight years has been transformed into a significantly shorter period of one year.

This auspicious announcement came to light through the official Royal Gazette issued on August 31st. The Royal commutation bore the countersignature of outgoing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, marking the convergence of executive authority and royal prerogative.

Thaksin Shinawatra’s request for clemency was met with a favorable response from the monarchy, merely nine days after his highly anticipated return to Thailand. The former Prime Minister had spent a protracted 15 years in self-imposed exile abroad, evading legal repercussions following his ousting from power by the military in 2006.

Thaksin’s homecoming was nothing short of dramatic, as he arrived in the country via a private jet. However, his return was swiftly followed by his transfer to prison to commence his original eight-year sentence, stemming from charges related to abuse of power and conflicts of interest during his tenure as Prime Minister. On the first night of his incarceration, he was promptly relocated to a police hospital due to concerns over chest pains and high blood pressure.

The turning point in this saga occurred when Thaksin submitted a formal request for a royal pardon. The Royal Gazette, in its announcement, acknowledged Thaksin’s past contributions to the nation. It emphasized his service as a Prime Minister and his tangible efforts to benefit the country and its citizens. Furthermore, it commended Thaksin for respecting due legal processes, admitting guilt, expressing remorse, and accepting the court’s verdict.

The Royal commutation took into account the fact that Thaksin is now an elderly individual and has been ailing, necessitating specialized medical care. Despite his prolonged absence from the country, Thaksin’s influence on Thai politics has endured, with parties aligned with his ideals consistently winning elections from 2001 until recently.

In rendering this decision, His Majesty deliberated on Thaksin’s loyalty to the monarchy, his past leadership role, and the positive contributions he made to the nation. Moreover, the King recognized Thaksin’s willingness to acknowledge his transgressions and serve his sentence. The monarch also considered Thaksin’s age and medical condition, which demand ongoing medical attention.

Consequently, the King exercised his royal prerogative to commute Thaksin’s sentence, expressing the hope that the former Prime Minister will leverage his extensive knowledge and experience to continue contributing to the betterment of the country, society, and its people, as detailed in the Royal Gazette. This development marks a pivotal moment in Thailand’s political landscape and is likely to generate considerable discourse among the populace.

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