Recognition and Appreciation: Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital Honors Excellence and Media Contribution


In the Khiri Khan conference room on the 5th floor of Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital’s Outpatient Building, an important event took place. Dr. Arak Wongworachat, Director of Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, and Dr. Supannee Praditsathawong, President of Prachuap Hospital Foundation, led the proceedings. The event aimed to recognize exceptional individuals and honor media networks in the province for their contributions to information dissemination.

The prestigious occasion saw the convergence of influential figures, with Dr. Arak Wongworachat, Director of Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital, and Dr. Supannee Praditsathawong, President of Prachuap Hospital Foundation, taking the lead. The purpose of this gathering was twofold: to honor the remarkable individuals who had demonstrated exceptional dedication and to pay tribute to the media networks that played an instrumental role in the province’s information dissemination.

Among the distinguished attendees were the executives and Board of Directors of the Prachuap Hospital Foundation, as well as a spectrum of professionals including doctors, nurses, and other medical staff from the hospital. However, it was the media team that attracted considerable attention. Notable names such as Mrs. Nalin Makchen, Provincial Public Relations Officer, Ms. Surang Baramee, a mass media expert, and Mr. Phisit Ruenkasem, President of the Radio and Television Association, graced the occasion. This ensemble included representatives from radio, television, newspapers, websites, and even public relations agencies – a comprehensive gathering reflecting the diverse facets of modern media.

The spotlight shone brightly on those who had excelled in their respective fields, as Dr. Supannee Praditsathawong and Dr. Arak Wongworachat presented awards to the outstanding individuals. The commendation covered various aspects, encompassing management, medical expertise, nursing excellence, multidisciplinary contributions, and more. Figures like Mr. Udomsak Saengvanich, Deputy Director of Hospital Administration, and Dr. Chumphon Fucharoen, a specialist in Surgery-Orthopedic Medicine, were recognized for their noteworthy contributions. The event celebrated professionals from all walks, including dentists, pharmacists, and traditional medicine practitioners, reinforcing the multidimensional nature of healthcare.

In a follow-up sequence, recognition extended to exceptional individuals in six distinct areas. The recipients included stalwarts like Ms. Rattakorn Sangthianthong, Deputy Director of Nursing Mission, and skilled physicians Dr. Wuttikorn Wongsilathai and Dr. Khempop Yongchairat. Dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and vital back-office support personnel were acknowledged for their invaluable roles in upholding the hospital’s standards.

Dr. Supannee Praditsathawong took a moment to express her heartfelt congratulations to the personnel of Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital. The Prachuap Hospital Foundation’s diligent selection process had identified individuals who not only displayed exemplary achievements but also served as inspiring role models. This recognition, in the form of 18 awards, served to boost morale and emphasize the virtue of dedication that would undoubtedly continue to thrive.

Dr. Arak Wongworachat seized the opportunity to extend gratitude to the media network of Prachuap Province. Their steadfast support in disseminating crucial information, particularly during times of crisis such as the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, had been instrumental in shaping public awareness and understanding. The media’s role in swiftly and accurately conveying information had proven invaluable, particularly in combatting the spread of misinformation and building public trust.

Reflecting on the past, it was evident that collaboration between the government and media had played a pivotal role in navigating crises. The joint efforts had nurtured informed citizens who could lead fulfilling lives, even amidst adversities. Dr. Arak Wongworachat, on behalf of the entire Prachuap Khiri Khan Hospital team, extended sincere appreciation to the media networks. Their steadfast dedication to reporting, whether in normal or crisis times, had not only benefited society but also contributed insights for hospital enhancement.

In essence, the event echoed the symbiotic relationship between healthcare institutions and media networks. The recognition bestowed upon exceptional individuals reinforced the values of dedication and excellence, while the media’s role in conveying accurate and timely information proved vital in shaping public perceptions and attitudes. As the event concluded, it left an indelible mark on the community, reaffirming the importance of collaboration and collective progress.

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Editorial Staff
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