Move Forward Party’s Pongsathon Sonpechnarintr Scores Landslide Victory in Rayong By-Election


In a recent by-election that reverberated through the political landscape, the Move Forward Party’s candidate, Pongsathon Sonpechnarintr, emerged triumphant in Rayong Constituency 3. With a commanding lead over his adversaries, Pongsathon’s victory sent shockwaves through the region.

Party chieftain Pita Limjaroenrat jubilantly disclosed the outcome, extending his heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated voters whose unwavering support had paved the path to victory.

Unofficial tallies spoke volumes about Pongsathon’s resounding success, as he amassed a formidable 39,296 votes, underscoring a clear mandate from the constituency. His closest rival, Banyat Jetanachan of the Democrat Party, found himself trailing with 26,466 votes, while Sub-Lt Ruangchai Sombatphuthorn of the Rang Ngarn Sang Chart Party garnered a mere 881 votes.

From the cozy confines of a local coffee shop in Klaeng district, Pita Limjaroenrat seized the moment to articulate his strategic vision. He outlined his intent to capitalize on this political momentum, channeling it towards forthcoming by-elections that will ultimately culminate in the next general election.

In the wake of this momentous triumph, Pita declared his imminent return to the bustling metropolis of Bangkok. There, he will diligently oversee the parliamentary activities of Move Forward Party members, who are poised to engage in a rigorous examination of the government’s policy statement during the upcoming parliamentary sessions this week.


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