Government in Talks with Businesses to Raise Minimum Daily Wage


In a bid to alleviate the financial burdens faced by workers, the government has initiated negotiations with companies to increase the minimum daily wage. This significant move is part of a series of economic policies recently unveiled during a government policy statement debate, which also includes revising labor laws and addressing energy-related challenges.

Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Srettha Thavisin, announced the government’s commitment to engage with both employers and employees in discussions aimed at raising the minimum wage to 400 baht. He underscored the urgency of this initiative, emphasizing that it stands as one of the government’s signature stimulus measures designed to breathe new life into the Thai economy.

This prospective wage hike aligns with the objectives of the Pheu Thai Party, as it brings them closer to fulfilling their election promise of ultimately elevating the minimum wage to 600 baht by 2027. At present, the daily minimum wage varies across provinces, ranging from 328 baht to 354 baht.

Prime Minister Thavisin also stressed the paramount importance of safeguarding the rights and well-being of employees, including migrant workers. To streamline the process, he revealed plans to establish a one-stop center that will expedite documentation procedures for these individuals.

Furthermore, the premier has issued directives to the Ministry of Energy to tackle the issue of escalating electricity rates, a concern affecting both households and businesses. He also hinted at forthcoming stimulus programs aimed at boosting the beleaguered tourism industry. Additionally, the government plans to scrutinize existing regulations to ensure comprehensive labor law protection and the fulfillment of workers’ entitled benefits.

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