Exceptional Turtle Nesting Event in Surat Thani Province


In a momentous September day, within the borders of Surat Thani Province, word spread of a remarkable ecological occurrence.. The esteemed members of the Koh Tao Conservation Club, stationed in the Koh Phangan District, were alerted by the diligent staff at Tao Thong Resort, situated along the scenic Sai Nuan Beach in Village No. 2 of Koh Tao Subdistrict. The report heralded the emergence of the first offspring from Mae Thongdee’s second turtle nest.

Commencing from the morning of September 11, 2023, a pivotal moment unfurled as baby turtles began their journey into the world from one of three discovered nests. This auspicious event aligned seamlessly with the expectations of both Department of Marine and Coastal Resources veterinarians and marine biologists, who meticulously monitored nest temperatures and tracked the post-egg-laying days.

Members of the Koh Tao Conservation Club, Koh Tao Subdistrict Municipality officials, and dedicated volunteers united their efforts in vigilantly overseeing the turtle nest area. They patiently facilitated the natural emergence of the baby turtles. As twilight painted the sky on September 11, two little ones made their debut at precisely 7:09 p.m., followed by a dozen more at 10:01 p.m.

In subsequent days, Dr. Watchara Sakornwimon, a distinguished veterinarian specializing in marine life from the Central Gulf of Thailand Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, arrived at Koh Tao. Drawing upon her expertise, she carefully inspected the turtle nest area, opting for a cautious approach. On the afternoon of September 12, the turtle nest was gingerly opened, revealing a treasure trove of 52 baby turtles from Mae Thongdee’s second nest. The veterinarians promptly collected these delicate hatchlings, orchestrating their release into the sea later that evening. This strategic release aimed to bolster their chances of survival, allowing them to venture into the ocean as a synchronized group—a touching sight that garnered the cheers and support of numerous foreign tourists sojourning on Koh Tao.

This event bore even more significance as it marked an unprecedented occurrence. Never before had baby turtles emerged from their nest and embarked on their journey to the sea in such a remarkable manner, leaving an indelible impression on all witnesses.

In the same realm of wonder, the mother turtle, affectionately named “Thongdee,” had previously graced the same area to lay her eggs. The initial nest, established on the night of August 30, 2023, witnessed 42 offspring embracing the sea. As the days progressed, Thongdee diligently ensured the continuation of her lineage, further validating the rich abundance of natural resources that Koh Tao proudly embodies.

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