Krabi’s Battle: Protecting Heritage Mountains


In the heart of Krabi, near the historic Krabi City Hall in Pak Nam Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District, a stalwart of local history and archaeology, Mr. Niwat Wattanai Manaporn, gathered with purpose. A convergence of 40 network representatives from Mueang Krabi District, Ao Luek District, Plai Phraya District, and Lam Thap District assembled under the banner of the Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Unit and Local Arts of Krabi Province. Their mission: safeguarding mountains bestowed with government concessions to private companies, which predominantly constitute vital watersheds and hold profound archaeological significance unique to Krabi.

These mountains, a treasure trove of heritage found solely within Krabi province, face a perilous threat. The network, driven by Mr. Niwat Wattanai Manaporn’s expertise and determination, seeks to implore government agencies to reassess the ramifications of permitting private entities to ravage these natural marvels for mining or stone milling purposes. A call for conscientious stewardship resonates in their pleas, urging the authorities to reconsider the balance between progress and preservation within Krabi’s precincts — encompassing Mueang Krabi District, Ao Luek District, Plai Phraya District, and Lam Thap District.

The network’s endeavor manifests as an embodiment of public sentiment and an unequivocal expression of their aspirations. They yearn for these mountainous domains to endure as perpetual reservoirs of water and living relics of history, vital for both sustenance and historical understanding. This collective aspiration found voice in a formal letter presented to Mr. Sompong Rattana, the esteemed head of the Krabi Provincial Damrongtham Center. Through this medium, the voices of Krabi’s populace seek an audience with the Governor of Krabi Province, ultimately aiming to apprise the Prime Minister of their plea for the enduring protection of these vital ecological and historical landscapes.

Mr. Phisit Pedthong, the president of the Andaman Krabi Lovers Club, further emphasized the salient points encapsulated within this pivotal missive. The missive drew attention to the intricate mineral management plan woven by government agencies, inadvertently resulting in the degradation of mountains and their intrinsic value. The act of designation, ostensibly for resource management, is perceived as a threat to both livelihoods and the delicate ecosystem these mountains nurture.

Krabi, with its distinctive underground stream ecosystem, finds its lifeblood within these mountains. The streams intertwining through the subterranean labyrinth represent a delicate, interconnected system vital for both local livelihoods and environmental balance. Moreover, these very mountains conceal secrets of the past, with intricate paintings and archaeological relics hinting at a rich historical tapestry waiting to be preserved and shared. Not just important historical sites of Thailand, these mountains and their caves have also carved a niche on the global tourism map, drawing visitors eager to witness the captivating beauty that Krabi holds.

In the pursuit of progress, Krabi’s community stands united in its plea — a plea for preservation, a plea for acknowledging the intrinsic value of their mountains, and a plea for a sustainable and harmonious coexistence of progress and heritage. The echoes of their collective resolve are carried in the winds that sweep over the picturesque expanse of Krabi, reaching the corridors of power and decision-makers, urging a reconsideration that ensures the legacy of Krabi’s mountains endures for generations to come.

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