Prime Minister and Bangkok Governor Collaborate on City’s Growth Initiatives


In a crucial development this week, the Prime Minister and the Governor of Bangkok engaged in discussions centered around the advancement of initiatives aimed at propelling the capital’s growth. Converging on a shared vision, both high-ranking figures reached a consensus on the formation of a dedicated committee designed to expedite the city’s objectives.

Following a significant Cabinet meeting today, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin engaged in talks with Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, focusing on pivotal developmental plans for the capital city of Thailand. The discourse revolved around pertinent issues within the purview of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, during which the Prime Minister expressed unequivocal backing for the Governor’s aspirations.

A key highlight of their deliberations was the unanimous decision to institute a compact committee comprising 6-7 members. This committee will play a pivotal role in propelling the capital’s development through judicious policy-making, with the ultimate goal of enhancing Bangkok’s livability.

Prime Minister Thavisin underscored the government’s commitment to bolstering the Bangkok governor’s efforts. He emphasized his own willingness to issue directives that transcend the governor’s authority through the proposed development committee, further solidifying their collaborative approach towards urban progress.

Addressing pressing concerns on multiple fronts, the officials delved into the issue of tourism-related scams, notably concerning illicit tour guides and taxi services. Additionally, they engaged in an in-depth discussion concerning persisting challenges tied to the city’s Green Lines metro system. Both leaders emphasized the imperative of fostering transparency in forthcoming public-private partnerships within the realm of metro line operations. Their shared objective remains to ensure these partnerships yield optimal benefits for the populace at large.

Editorial Staff
Author: Editorial Staff

Provider of news and content to Heaven is Hua Hin

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
Provider of news and content to Heaven is Hua Hin


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