Tragic Shooting Shocks Bang Sao Thong Community


In a devastating incident that shook the peaceful streets of Bang Sao Thong, a violent confrontation turned deadly on a fateful day. CCTV footage obtained from the Bang Sao Thong Subdistrict Administrative Organization has revealed the grim events that transpired on that ill-fated morning, leaving one man dead and another injured.

The dispute between Mr. Somporn, a 54-year-old construction worker, and his employer had been festering for a considerable period, primarily revolving around a disagreement regarding the construction of a parking lot roof. Tensions reached a critical point on this particular day, culminating in a shocking act of violence.

On September 20, 2023, at approximately 9:34 a.m., the CCTV cameras at Thai Insurance Village captured a white tank top-clad man identified as Mr. Akkapon, aged 56, approaching the snooker table shop where Mr. Somporn was engaged in a game. Words were exchanged, escalating into a heated argument, ultimately leading Mr. Akkapon to draw a 9mm firearm and discharge four fatal shots at Mr. Somporn. The assailant made a hasty exit, leaving the scene before driving away in a pickup truck.

Further CCTV angles showcased the chilling episode from within the snooker shop, painting a stark picture of the brutality that unfolded. Among the patrons present was Mr. Somporn, enjoying a game with friends. Mr. Akkapon’s sudden intrusion, followed by the altercation and subsequent gunshots, left the snooker shop in a state of shock and terror.

Regrettably, Mr. Somporn succumbed to his injuries, succumbing to the callous attack. A vendor at a nearby restaurant also suffered injuries due to the gunfire exchange. Prompted by concerned citizens, law enforcement and medical assistance arrived at the scene swiftly, striving to bring order to the chaotic aftermath.

The deceased’s acquaintances, along with bystanders, provided harrowing accounts of the events that transpired. They shed light on the ongoing tensions between Mr. Somporn and the aggressor, Mr. Akkapon, revealing a history of conflicts that sadly culminated in this tragic loss of life.

As the community grapples with the shock and grief, investigators diligently work to piece together the events, conducting thorough examinations of the crime scene and gathering evidence. The perpetrator remains at large, prompting an extensive police search and a forthcoming legal pursuit to bring justice to the heartbroken community.

This regrettable incident serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of unchecked animosity and highlights the need for peaceful resolution to conflicts, emphasizing the sanctity of life above all else. The community mourns the loss of Mr. Somporn, and the pursuit of justice remains at the forefront of their collective resolve.

Editorial Staff
Author: Editorial Staff

Provider of news and content to Heaven is Hua Hin

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
Provider of news and content to Heaven is Hua Hin


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