Unlocking Hua Hin’s Hidden Property Treasures


Nestled along the tranquil shores of the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin beckons as an idyllic haven, enchanting retirees from across the globe. This charming seaside town has garnered a reputation as the quintessential second home, a dreamy abode for a quality life. Amidst the allure of Hua Hin’s recreational appeal, a novel venture is on the rise in the local property market—open houses.

Traditionally a cornerstone of real estate practices worldwide, the concept of open houses offers prospective buyers a chance to explore properties, seek clarifications, and envisage their potential new abode. In Hua Hin, however, this practice has remained relatively uncommon among local real estate agencies. A winds-of-change moment is at hand, led by Bente Jiwtianbushorn, a seasoned property agent from Star Property Hua Hin, a highly regarded property firm in town.

Bente envisions this approach as advantageous for both local residents and international buyers. Opening up properties to the public cultivates community involvement and engagement within the real estate market. This not only promotes transparency but also allows locals to comprehend the broader value of their properties. The perennially pleasant climate, warm-hearted locals, and a plethora of amenities contribute to Hua Hin’s undeniable appeal as a retirement haven. It’s no surprise that retirees from around the world are increasingly embracing this locale as their second home.

Renowned for its international golf courses, including Black Mountain Golf Course, Palm Hill Golf Course, and Banyan Golf Course, Hua Hin allures both golf enthusiasts and leisure seekers. Particularly for those residing in bustling Bangkok, Hua Hin offers a quick escape, easily accessible by a short drive. The open house concept now affords these potential residents the opportunity to meticulously explore their options, ensuring they find a property that resonates with their dreams.

Bente plans to host an open house every month, showcasing beautiful properties in and around Hua Hin, inviting both local and international buyers seeking a second home. This September, the spotlight is on a splendid Thai-Bali style house—an impressive project that has stood tall for over 15 years. Initially conceived by a visionary group of developers aiming to create hillside houses with panoramic views, these remarkable villas are ensconced in lush tropical gardens, embraced by mountains with glimpses of the ocean. The “Hansa Residence” project embodies a unique Thai-Bali architectural style, a true hidden gem nestled within Hua Hin’s Soi 116.

Scheduled for the 30th of September, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, this month’s open house event unveils not only a beautiful home but also the enticing lifestyle and tranquility that define Hua Hin. Amidst Hua Hin’s serene environs, adorned with lush landscapes and golfing greens, lies a concealed property waiting to be discovered. With Bente Jiwtianbushorn’s steadfast dedication to unveiling these treasures, Hua Hin’s property market is poised to radiate even brighter on the international stage.

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