Coastal Regions Brace for High Waves Amidst Monsoon Onslaught


As of November 17, 2023, the northeastern monsoon’s robust influence over the Gulf of Thailand and the southern region has stirred up waves ranging from 2 to 4 meters high along a 200-kilometer stretch from Hua Hin District to Bang Saphan Noi District. This meteorological phenomenon has not only impacted coastal landscapes but has also prompted precautionary measures and temporary closures of businesses in its wake.

In response to the formidable waves, officials and local authorities are actively engaged in safeguarding vulnerable coastal areas, exemplified by the deployment of sandbags and coordinated efforts to secure small fishing boats. The impact is particularly evident in Prachuap Bay in Prachuap Municipality, where sections of the beach road face inundation, necessitating the temporary closure of shops and restaurants.

Coastal Defense Measures: Thung Pradu Beach, facing persistent waves near the main road from Thap Sakae Market to Ban Thung Pradu, has prompted the Mayor of Thap Sakae Subdistrict Administrative Organization to mobilize officials in the strategic placement of sandbags, spanning over 50 meters. The precautionary efforts aim to mitigate damage caused by the relentless sea waves hitting the coast.

Official Notifications and Response: Major Adisak Noisuwan, Deputy Governor of Prachuap Province, acting on behalf of the Governor, has issued notifications to administrative departments, municipalities, and sub-district administrative organizations. The directive emphasizes caution for residents in coastal areas, urging them to be wary of potential dangers from the forceful winds and waves. Furthermore, a call has been made to survey houses and buildings along the coastline for any damage inflicted by the relentless waves.

Protective Measures in Tourist Areas: Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park has taken stringent measures to ensure tourist safety. Mr. Phongsathorn Promkhuntod, head of the national park, has directed the planting of red flags on Sam Phraya Beach, signaling a strict prohibition on swimming during monsoons, heavy rain, and strong waves. The tent camping area within the sub-national park protection unit has also been temporarily closed until the situation normalizes.

Tourist Advisory in Hua Hin: Hua Hin, a popular tourist destination, has implemented safety protocols. Mrs. Pongthip Wiwattanasinesuan, Tourism and Sports Assistant of Prachuap Province, together with tourism coordination staff and the Hua Hin Tourist Police, has issued red flags for prominent seaside attractions. These include Hua Hin Beach, Suan Son Pradipat Beach, Khao Kalok Beach, Sam Roi Yot Beach, and Sam Phraya Beach. The flags serve as a clear warning, urging tourists to refrain from swimming during this period, ensuring confidence in tourism safety amidst the challenging weather conditions.

As the Gulf of Thailand continues to witness strong waves due to the prevailing northeastern monsoon, strict warnings have been issued to the public and tourists alike, emphasizing the imperative prohibition of swimming for the sake of safety.

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