Phuket Launches ‘Phuket Crime Free’ Scheme to Boost Tourist Safety


In a proactive step to enhance the safety of international tourists during the high season, Phuket province has initiated the ‘Phuket Crime Free’ scheme. This collaborative project, established through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), involves coordination between various government bodies, including the provincial administration, police, and immigration office, as well as private sector entities such as the Phuket Chamber of Commerce and Thai Hotels Association.

The launch of this scheme, highlighted by Phuket Immigration Police Superintendent Pol Col Thanet Sukchai, comes in response to the escalating number of tourists, raising concerns about potential criminal activities, particularly drug offenses. The primary focus of the initiative is to secure tourist accommodations by implementing a comprehensive database of establishments and guests. This approach aims to create a crime and narcotics-free environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of tourists.

The collaborative effort reflects Phuket’s commitment to positioning itself as a leading global tourist destination. By promoting sustainable crime prevention measures and enhancing regional safety and security, the province aims to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for visitors. The scheme also addresses challenges posed by the termination of the TM 6 immigration card collection, which previously provided vital information on expatriates’ residency in Thailand.

The ‘Phuket Crime Free’ scheme underscores the importance of collaboration between public and private sectors in ensuring the safety of tourists. It aligns with the broader goal of sustainable tourism development, emphasizing the significance of security measures to safeguard the reputation of Phuket as a premier travel destination. The comprehensive database is expected to play a pivotal role in effectively managing and mitigating potential security risks, contributing to the overall positive experience of tourists visiting the region.


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