Illegal Drug Raids Unveil Underground Pharmacy Network


In a recent development, Deputy Public Health Doctor of Chonburi Province, Mrs. Ratikorn Prasertthaicharoen, has enlisted the support of Pol. Lt. Col. Panot Kamnuengkarn, Deputy Superintendent of Police Station 1, Public Health Office 2, and regional police officers to crack down on illegal drug activities within the region. The request stems from public complaints regarding an alleged covert pharmacy engaged in smuggling and selling drugs containing psychotropic substances, particularly those falling outside legal parameters.

Following due procedures, they collectively sought approval for a search warrant from the Pattaya Provincial Court, which was granted under case number 346/2566, dated November 21, 2023. The focal point of this operation was to investigate and curb the illicit sale of drugs, including those with psychotropic ingredients, types 2, 3, and 4, as well as drugs not registered in the official drug formula. Additionally, concerns were raised about the involvement of individuals lacking the appropriate pharmacist licenses in the distribution of these substances to the public.

The authorities meticulously planned the execution of the search, laying the groundwork by enticing the purchase of category 4 psychotropic substances, specifically sleeping pills. Undercover officials successfully posed as buyers, prompting the intervention of police officers armed with search warrants to simultaneously raid all four identified stores.

Upon inspection, a significant cache of illicit substances was uncovered, ranging from psychotropic drugs to dangerous substances and specially controlled drugs. The inventory included ORA-1 important drug Lorazepam 1 mg, Convulsit 2 important drug Clonazepam 2.0 mg, Zopam10 important drug Diazepam 10 mg, Tramadol, Prednisolone, Cedipect important drugs Codein phosphate hemirydrat 10 mg, and Glyceryl guaiacolate 100 mg, a Class 2 narcotic.

The initial phase of the operation resulted in the detention of the individual masquerading as the store owner, accompanied by the confiscation of the seized items. Allegations lodged against the accused encompass selling category 4 psychotropic substances without authorization, as stipulated in the Narcotics Act Section 94. Furthermore, charges include selling category 2 narcotics without proper authorization under the Drug Use Act Section 91, and the illegal sale or import of drugs not registered according to the drug formula, as per the Drug Act B.E. 2510 Section 72 (4). Lastly, the accused is accused of practicing the pharmacy profession without proper authorization, contravening the Pharmacy Profession Act of 1994 Section 28. Legal proceedings are now set to unfold in response to these serious allegations.

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