Prime Minister of Thailand Expresses Optimism on Tesla Investment Talks


In a recent development, the Prime Minister of Thailand has conveyed a sense of optimism concerning potential investments by Tesla, the global leader in electric vehicles. This positive outlook was articulated following the Prime Minister’s recent tweet on the social media platform X, where he disclosed a conversation with senior officials from Tesla. During this interaction, it was revealed that over 2 million Cybertruck models have been pre-ordered, marking a record high for any Tesla model.

The Prime Minister, who had the opportunity to personally experience the Cybertruck during a visit to Tesla’s factory, concluded his tweet by expressing hope for the initiation of Tesla’s assembly operations in Thailand in the near future. This statement comes on the heels of the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States for the APEC Summit earlier this month, underscoring the international significance of the discussions.

Notably, the Prime Minister’s enthusiasm is echoed by Chai Wacharonke, the Government Spokesperson, who clarified the Thai government’s concerted efforts to attract Tesla for investment in the country. Shedding light on the Prime Minister’s proactive approach, Chai mentioned that since taking office, the Thai leader has engaged in two discussions with Tesla. The first of these discussions occurred on September 20th, during the UNGA meeting in New York.

These talks were not merely ceremonial; they involved a virtual meeting with Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and other high-ranking executives. The focal point of the discussions revolved around clean energy initiatives, indicating a shared commitment to environmental sustainability. The Prime Minister is reportedly confident that the goals of the Thai government align seamlessly with Tesla’s, both parties emphasizing the importance of prioritizing environmental considerations for a better and sustainable future.

As the discussions progress, the Thai government, as conveyed by Chai Wacharonke, stands ready to lend its support to Tesla’s potential investment in the country. The collective optimism on both sides sets the stage for a promising avenue of collaboration that could significantly impact the electric vehicle landscape in Thailand and beyond. While the specifics of the collaboration are yet to unfold, the shared commitment to environmental sustainability provides a solid foundation for future endeavors between the Thai government and Tesla.

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