Sattahip’s Enchanting Waters: A Glimpse into the World of Pink Dolphins


In a recent viral video posted by a Facebook user, the serene beauty of Sattahip Bay takes center stage, featuring what they claim to be pink “bottlenose dolphins” gracefully frolicking in the azure waters. This captivating footage has stirred the curiosity of netizens, raising questions about the presence of these unique marine creatures in the region. The video suggests an annual visitation, portraying the Sattahip sea’s richness and the charm it holds.

Reports from local fishermen along the coastline corroborate the claims made in the video, shedding light on a fascinating phenomenon that has become somewhat of a tradition in Sattahip. Dolphins, believed to be pink bottlenose dolphins, are said to make regular appearances, turning the bay into a natural playground. Their playful antics near the shores have become a source of excitement for both locals and tourists alike, providing a glimpse into the thriving marine life of Sattahip.

The waters of Sattahip Bay seem to be a favorite haunt for these enchanting marine mammals, with numerous accounts describing their annual visits. The proximity to the coast further intensifies the spectacle, allowing onlookers to witness these dolphins in their natural habitat. The allure of these sightings has contributed to the growing appeal of Sattahip as a destination, emphasizing the vibrant marine ecosystem that thrives in its waters.

While the identity of the dolphins remains a subject of discussion, the consensus among locals is that these are indeed pink bottlenose dolphins. The annual recurrence of their visits not only captivates the imagination but also serves as a testament to the richness of the sea in the Sattahip region. The video, initially shared on social media, has sparked conversations about marine conservation and the need to preserve the habitat that fosters such remarkable biodiversity.

As word spreads about the mesmerizing encounters with these pink dolphins, Sattahip Bay is likely to see an influx of visitors eager to witness the spectacle firsthand. Whether it’s the allure of the pink dolphins or the picturesque beauty of Sattahip’s coastal landscape, this phenomenon adds another layer to the diverse attractions of this Thai locale.

Local officials and marine experts are now being approached for their insights into the unique marine life thriving in Sattahip Bay. As the community revels in the natural wonders of their surroundings, there is a growing awareness of the need to balance tourism with conservation efforts, ensuring the continued flourishing of the vibrant marine ecosystem that has become a hallmark of Sattahip.

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