San Paolo Hua Hin Hospital Achieves AACI Dual Accreditation


In a recent gathering at the San Paolo Hospital in Hua Hin, Prachuap Province, a significant milestone was achieved as Dr. Somporn Khamphong, the Executive Director of the AACI Institute (American Accreditation Commission International) and Chief Executive Officer of AACI Asia Pacific Region, presided over the ceremony to confer certificates of hospital quality accreditation. The accolades were presented to Dr. Ekalap Thongborisut, Chairman and Director of San Paolo Hua Hin Hospital, recognizing excellence in two key areas: AACI International Healthcare Accreditation and Certification of clinical excellence in gastrointestinal endoscopy services (Endoscopy Clinical Excellence Certification). This accomplishment was celebrated by the dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and staff of San Paolo Hua Hin Hospital.

Dr. Somporn Khamphong highlighted the significance of AACI standards, emphasizing that they constitute a quality support system grounded in international standards from the United States. Notably, AACI stands out as the sole international standard globally capable of certifying both International Healthcare Standard and ISO & EN simultaneously, making it widely accepted in Europe and the Middle East Asia. The core objective of AACI standards is to cultivate patient-centric health service norms, prioritizing safety, welfare, quality of life, and quality of care. This approach revolves around ensuring that individuals seeking healthcare services at the accredited hospital receive accurate and principled medical treatment. The criteria extend to encompass the utilization of standard medical tools, the proficiency of medical personnel, and the provision of ancillary services related to pre and post-treatment advice and medication dispensing.

San Paolo Hua Hin Hospital, by adhering to these stringent processes, has not only secured international standard certification for hospitals but has also achieved the distinction of being the inaugural facility in the upper southern province to receive a certificate of clinical excellence in gastrointestinal endoscopy services, marking a pioneering feat in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr. Ekalap Thongborisut, Chairman and Director of San Paolo Hua Hin Hospital, expressed gratitude and shared insights into the hospital’s 27-year journey. Through unwavering commitment to development, the hospital has consistently evolved its service standards, placing a steadfast focus on patient-centric healthcare services, safety, and overall quality of care on a global scale. Dr. Thongborisut underscored the hospital’s readiness in terms of personnel, tools, and equipment, ensuring a standard of safety for those availing their services. Additionally, he highlighted the hospital’s role as a secondary-level healthcare provider, acknowledging the importance of efficiently referring emergency cases to higher-capacity facilities like Hua Hin Hospital.

The AACI standard certification bestowed upon San Paolo Hua Hin Hospital holds significance not only for the local community but also for tourists seeking medical services in Hua Hin. Dr. Thongborisut emphasized that the recognition instills confidence in tourists, contributing to a positive image of Hua Hin District and Thailand’s healthcare services, ultimately fostering a conducive environment for medical tourism.

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