Healthcare Heroes Tackle Zika Threat in Coastal Community Awareness Drive


In a concerted effort to combat the growing threat of Zika virus disease, a team of healthcare professionals led by Ms. Warunyupa Pinna, a seasoned nurse, joined forces with officials from Hua Hin Municipality and the Communicable Disease Control Department of Hua Hin Hospital. On January 10, 2024, this collaborative initiative unfolded in a coastal community, with a primary objective of raising awareness about Zika virus disease, Dengue fever, and chikungunya. The team, which included Ms. Sasinipa Raihinkwang and Mr. Itthiphon Chamchuen, embarked on a comprehensive public relations campaign, arming the community with knowledge and distributing preventive measures.

Amid the lush backdrop of the coastal community, Ms. Warunyupa Pinna, a proficient nurse, spearheaded an educational campaign on January 10, 2024, to enlighten the local populace about the Zika virus disease. This vital mission, conducted in collaboration with Hua Hin Municipality and the Communicable Disease Control Department of Hua Hin Hospital, aimed to equip residents with the understanding needed to safeguard against the dangers posed by Zika, Dengue, and chikungunya.

The focal point of the awareness campaign was the distribution of Abate sand, a crucial tool in eradicating mosquito larvae, particularly in drainage pipes within communities and residential areas. The team also extended its reach, covering a radius of 100 meters around homes of pregnant women, recognizing the heightened vulnerability of this demographic. The objective was clear: to curtail the potential expansion of dengue fever and Zika virus infections, both transmitted by the notorious Aedes mosquitoes.

It is imperative to note that Zika virus poses a particular threat to young children and pregnant women, leading to severe complications such as the slanted cerebellum in newborns. Symptoms of Zika virus disease mirror those of other mosquito-borne illnesses, including fever, headache, vomiting, body aches, rashes, and red eyes without discharge. Particularly at risk are young children and pregnant women, making it crucial for individuals experiencing these symptoms to seek prompt medical attention.

The collaboration between Ms. Warunyupa Pinna and her team, alongside the dedicated officials from Hua Hin Municipality and the Communicable Disease Control Department, signifies a proactive response to safeguard public health. This informative outreach not only addresses the current threat but also empowers the community with the knowledge needed to protect themselves against the perils of mosquito-borne diseases.

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