Hua Hin Municipality Monitors Progress of Road Expansion Project


On February 6, 67, Mr. Jirawat Phramanee, the Head of Hua Hin Municipality and Chairman of the Procurement Inspection Committee, convened a meeting with the procurement inspection committee members and project supervisors. The purpose was to conduct an on-site inspection and monitoring of the ongoing road expansion project on Chomsin Road, including the refurbishment of existing road surfaces and pedestrian pathways in front of the 14th Irrigation Office.

The project, aimed at enhancing traffic flow, has been a focal point for the municipal authorities. Mr. Jirawat Phramanee, along with the inspection committee, personally visited the construction site to ensure that the work progresses smoothly and meets the specified standards. The inspection committee, after a thorough examination, provided feedback to the contractor, outlining necessary adjustments to align with the approved project blueprints.

The contractor, in response, has submitted a formal report on the progress of the construction. The inspection committee diligently followed up on the reported adjustments, ensuring that the necessary corrections are made promptly. This meticulous oversight is crucial in maintaining the project’s integrity and aligning it with the predetermined specifications.

The Hua Hin Municipality underscores its commitment to transparent and efficient project management. By conducting regular inspections and actively engaging with the contractors, the municipality aims to guarantee the successful completion of the road expansion project. Such measures not only ensure the smooth flow of traffic but also contribute to the overall improvement of infrastructure in the region.

It is worth noting that this initiative reflects a broader commitment to responsible urban development and underscores the importance of effective collaboration between local authorities and contractors. The diligence demonstrated in the inspection process serves as a testament to the dedication of the municipality to delivering high-quality projects for the benefit of the community.

In conclusion, the inspection committee, headed by Mr. Jirawat Phramanee, continues to closely monitor the construction progress, maintaining a vigilant stance to uphold the standards set for the road expansion project in Hua Hin. Such meticulous oversight contributes to the overall success of the project and reinforces the municipality’s commitment to responsible and accountable governance.

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