AoT Invests Billions in Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang Airport Expansions


Airports of Thailand (AoT) is set to inject a substantial 4.4 billion baht into the ambitious expansion endeavors of Suvarnabhumi Airport and the third phase development initiative at Don Mueang International Airport. This strategic move, aimed at enhancing service quality and security measures, comes amid a projected influx of 65 million passengers at Suvarnabhumi this year, nearing the pre-pandemic figures of 2019.

Airports of Thailand’s Deputy Director, Kirati Kitmanawat, highlighted the company’s commitment to elevating Suvarnabhumi Airport’s capabilities. With a focused goal, AoT seeks to amplify the flight capacity of Suvarnabhumi’s satellite terminal 1 (SAT-1) from the current 50 flights per day to an impressive 120 flights per day within two months, ultimately reaching an ambitious target of 400 flights per day by year-end.

The proposed increase in SAT-1’s operational capacity holds a dual promise – enhancing passenger convenience and attracting a surge in traveler numbers. As Kitmanawat underlined, the augmented footfall is anticipated to create a conducive environment for additional vendors, fostering an expanded commercial landscape within the airport.

While AoT gears up for immediate enhancements, their vision extends further with the initiation of the East Expansion project at Suvarnabhumi. This substantial undertaking involves the enlargement of the airport’s passenger building on the east side, poised to cater to an additional 15 million passengers annually. The sizable investment of 8 billion baht for this development is slated to enter the bidding phase in May, signaling a significant step towards realizing Suvarnabhumi’s growth potential.

Simultaneously, AoT is poised to invest a considerable sum of 36 billion baht in the third phase development of Don Mueang International Airport. The comprehensive plan encompasses the construction of a state-of-the-art international passenger terminal and the rejuvenation of passenger building 1. The overarching goal is to escalate the annual passenger capacity from 30 million to an impressive 50 million. Bidding for this transformative development initiative is slated to commence later this year, marking a strategic move in shaping the future landscape of Don Mueang International Airport.

As the airports brace for significant expansions, the strategic investments by Airports of Thailand underscore their commitment to meeting the evolving demands of air travel and positioning both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airport as robust aviation hubs. The forthcoming developments are poised to not only elevate passenger experience but also stimulate economic opportunities within these key travel gateways. The bidding processes scheduled for the coming months signal an exciting phase in the realization of these transformative projects.

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