Minister Announces Italian-Thai Wage Settlement


On March 25, 2024, the Minister of Labor, Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, provided an update regarding the resolution of unpaid wages owed to employees of Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited. The company has agreed to pay the wages of 6,626 employees, amounting to over 30 million baht, in a concerted effort to address the liquidity crisis. This significant development comes after a series of discussions between labor inspectors and company representatives at the Labor Protection and Welfare Office in Bangkok.

Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited, with a workforce of 20,188 employees and construction projects spanning across Thailand, acknowledged the financial constraints leading to the wage arrears. The company is actively seeking solutions by securing credit and borrowing funds from various financial institutions to inject liquidity into its operations. Presently, financial support has been secured for 79 projects, enabling the timely payment of wages to employees. Efforts are underway to extend this support to the remaining 36 projects, including the company’s main office, with the expectation of normal wage payments by April 2024.

Mr. Pipat highlighted the collaborative efforts between labor inspectors and the Italian-Thai Company group, resulting in the gradual payment of outstanding wages across numerous provinces, benefiting both Thai and migrant workers. The Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, under the leadership of Mrs. Sopa Kiatniracha, has been actively involved in ensuring compliance with labor laws and facilitating the resolution of wage-related issues. Despite progress made, the department continues to monitor the situation closely and urges employers to fulfill their obligations within agreed timelines.

In fiscal year 2023, the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare extended assistance to employees nationwide, with over 19,832 individuals receiving benefits under the Labor Protection Act. The most common complaints filed included issues related to wages, severance pay, and overtime compensation, predominantly by Thai nationals followed by workers from Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. This concerted effort underscores the commitment of authorities to uphold labor rights and ensure the welfare of all workers in accordance with existing regulations.


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