Thai PM Discusses Liverpool vs Manchester United Match Potential


Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin engaged in discussions with former Liverpool football icons Michael Owen, Steve McManaman, and Robbie Fowler on Friday, May 3rd, at Government House in Bangkok. This rendezvous marked a notable moment during the “Living Legends: THE KOP DNA II” event, which spanned from May 3rd to May 5th.

In the meeting, Srettha explored the possibility of organizing a captivating football showdown between English Premier League powerhouses Liverpool and Manchester United on Thai soil. The envisioned match aims to elevate Thailand’s stature as a premier destination for regional events. Notably, there were aspirations to designate the year 2025 as a pivotal milestone for Thai tourism, commencing with marquee initiatives like this potential high-profile football clash. The proposal included the prospect of scheduling the match during the European winter to maximize international interest.

Emphasizing the considerable fan base that both clubs command in Thailand, Srettha underscored the anticipated enthusiasm for such a spectacle. Additionally, Government Spokesperson Chai Watcharong highlighted the football luminaries’ admiration for Thai landmarks and cuisine, along with their expressed willingness to contribute to Thailand’s promotion through the medium of football.

Notably, Thailand has previously played host to Manchester United and Liverpool in 2022, marking the inaugural occurrence of such a matchup in Asia. The encounter saw Manchester United emerge triumphant with a convincing 4-0 victory.

Officials noted the significance of this potential event for tourism and sports diplomacy, indicating its potential to foster stronger ties between Thailand and the global football community. It was reported that the Prime Minister’s engagement with the football veterans underscored the government’s commitment to leveraging sporting events for national development initiatives.

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