Koh Samui Launches Gastronomy Campaign to Attract Tourists


Koh Samui has launched a new campaign to enhance its culinary appeal after being recognized as Thailand’s premier wellness destination. The campaign, titled “Samui Savor, Beyondhealthyโ€ฆthrough taste,” seeks to promote the island’s gastronomic offerings alongside its wellness reputation.

The “Samui Savor, Beyondhealthyโ€ฆthrough taste” campaign is a collaborative effort involving Bangkok Airways, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and other partners. This initiative aims to attract visitors by highlighting Koh Samui’s diverse culinary landscape.

Visitors presenting their boarding pass at any of the 42 participating restaurants on Koh Samui will receive discounts and have the chance to win free domestic flights. The participating establishments range from fine-dining restaurants and cafes to local street food vendors, health-centric eateries, and farm-to-table establishments.

Ploenphit Kosonyuthasan, Director of Tourism and Alliance Marketing Promotion at Bangkok Airways Plc, emphasized that the campaign aims to boost culinary and wellness tourism on the island. “Koh Samui has long been well-known as a wellness destination. However, not many people know that the island is also a food paradise with Michelin-endorsed restaurants,” she stated.

The campaign not only supports local restaurants, communities, and entrepreneurs but also promotes sustainable tourism practices. By focusing on the island’s rich culinary heritage, the initiative seeks to attract tourists looking for both wellness and gastronomic experiences, thereby enhancing the local economy.

From May 20 to September 30, diners at the 42 participating establishments will have the opportunity to enter a lucky draw to win one of 20 domestic flight prizes, including tickets for two people offered by Bangkok Airways.

The campaign’s rollout involves active participation from local businesses, community leaders, and tourism authorities, highlighting the collective effort to position Koh Samui as a top destination for holistic and culinary tourism.


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