PM Advocates Forest Conservation and Land Rights in Ratchaburi Visit


Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, during his recent visit to Ratchaburi province on May 12, reiterated his commitment to protecting Thailand’s forests while addressing the complexities of land use. Emphasizing the importance of balancing land rights to enhance livelihoods and preserve forest areas, the prime minister underscored the need for sustainable management practices.

During a meeting with Rachaburi Governor Kiattisak Trongsiri, the premier was briefed on the status of requests for forest land utilization. Governor Trongsiri reported that out of 5,841 requests filed, 293 have been approved, 187 denied, and 2,961 are under review, with the remaining pending additional documentation. He highlighted challenges such as overlapping authority and unclear forest land statuses, which have led to delays in the approval process.

In response to these challenges, Prime Minister Srettha has directed relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Interior Ministry, and the military, to ensure that each request is processed lawfully while considering the community’s needs.

Additionally, the prime minister reflected on his past private sector initiatives aimed at expanding educational opportunities for children outside the formal school system. He discussed previous efforts to collaborate with large corporations on educational programs, particularly in provinces like Ratchaburi, where such initiatives were previously scarce. These initiatives align with the government’s broader goals of promoting education and sustainable development across the country.


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