Vandalism at Iconic Pattaya City Sign Sparks Outrage


Pattaya City’s iconic sign at Laem Bali Hai has become the target of vandals, igniting widespread outrage among local authorities and residents. The culprits used spray paint to deface the letters “P” and “A” and caused additional damage to the surrounding area. This incident, which occurred recently, has prompted immediate action and calls for strict penalties.

Concerned citizens first raised the alarm on social media, leading authorities to promptly investigate the scene. The vandals did not stop at the sign; they also targeted nearby walkways and metal beams with graffiti and stickers, further compounding the damage.

The Pattaya City sign is a major attraction, drawing numerous tourists who come to capture photos and enjoy panoramic views of the city. The act of vandalism has provoked strong reactions from residents and business owners alike, with many demanding severe legal consequences for those responsible. Suggested penalties include imprisonment and substantial fines for defacing government property.

In response, local authorities are reviewing surveillance footage from the area in hopes of identifying the perpetrators behind this act of vandalism.

This incident comes in the wake of a similar case earlier this year, where Pattaya Mayor Poramase Ngampiches personally intervened to catch two teenagers vandalizing public property at Bali Hai Pier. The offenders were successfully apprehended by police and made to clean up the damage they had caused.

Local officials, including Mayor Ngampiches, and community members continue to express their frustration over the recurring vandalism and emphasize the need for increased vigilance and stricter enforcement to protect public landmarks.


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