Prachuap Launches Sustainable Community Therapy Project Against Drug Menace


On June 11, 2024, a significant event unfolded at Nong Hu Chang Village Hall, Village No. 2, Koh Lak Subdistrict, Mueang District, Prachuap Province. Mr. Prasut Hombantheng, the Prachuap City District Chief, led the opening ceremony of the Sustainable Community Therapy Project, aligning with the government’s urgent policy to address drug-related challenges. Among the dignitaries present were Pol. Col. Phaithun Promkhian, superintendent of Muang Prachuap Police Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Pawaris Chalue, Deputy Superintendent (P.O.), Police Lieutenant Colonel Chet Champahom, Police Inspector, Mueang Prachuap Police Station, Mrs. Pranee Yenjit, Director of Ban Thung Khled Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital, Mr. Suwit Yuenyai, Prime Minister Koh Lak Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Mr. Manop Khrutphueak, Kamnan, Koh Lak Subdistrict, and Mr. Witoon Charoonrung, Nong Hu Chang Village Headman, alongside community members actively engaged in the project.

The ceremony also featured a memorandum of understanding signing, highlighting collaborative efforts to combat drug issues across various agencies while educating community members about the gravity of drug problems. Pol. Col. Phaithun Promkhian emphasized the government’s prioritization of addressing the drug crisis due to its detrimental effects on both individuals and the nation’s socio-economic fabric. Recognizing the urgency, a multidisciplinary approach involving law enforcement, public health, and other stakeholders was adopted to establish a Sustainable Community Treatment Project. This initiative aims to identify and assist individuals aged 12 to 65 struggling with drug addiction, beginning with a comprehensive survey and outreach efforts.

“In tackling drug addiction, early intervention is paramount,” stated Pol. Col. Phaithun Promkhian. “By providing timely treatment and prevention programs, we mitigate the risk of further escalation and alleviate the burden on affected individuals and communities.” The project’s meticulous approach not only addresses current cases but also prevents potential individuals from falling into the trap of addiction.

As the ceremony concluded, the collaborative commitment to combatting drug-related challenges resonated, underscoring the collective determination to safeguard community well-being and foster a drug-free environment.


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