Thai Army Controversy: Conscript Salary Deductions Spark Uproar


Amidst a flurry of controversy, the Royal Thai Army (RTA) finds itself entangled in a public uproar over revelations regarding questionable salary deductions from conscripts. The heart of the matter lies in the emergence of documents exposing deductions, including a perplexing 500 baht charge attributed to septic tank cleaning. However, the RTA, through Colonel Richa Suksuwanon, Deputy Spokesperson, has vehemently denied the validity of these documents, claiming they were never sanctioned or put into effect.

Clarifications from the RTA suggest that the leaked document in question originated from a new-recruit training unit, intended solely for internal deliberation. Colonel Richa Suksuwanon elaborated, stating, “It was meant for a meeting to assess the appropriateness of managing recruits’ expenses. No deductions have been made according to the document.” Subsequent to a review meeting within the unit, the expense list underwent revisions, notably excluding utility costs, such as the contentious septic tank cleaning fee, amounting to 990 baht. This adjustment aimed to ensure each recruit receives their entitled salary of 6,170 baht. However, public outcry and concerns regarding conscripts’ rights spurred the RTA to launch an investigation.

In response to mounting pressure, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang have condemned the deduction of utility expenses, emphasizing the inadmissibility of such practices. Additionally, Ministry of Defence spokesperson Jirayu Huangsap, as reported by The Nation, highlighted that over 200 recruit training units within the RTA had never imposed charges for septic tank cleaning. Huangsap reiterated that any wrongdoing uncovered during the investigation would be met with disciplinary actions as per regulations.

A subsequent development in the saga, titled “Septic shock: Colonel reassigned amid conscripts fee fuss,” saw the reassignment of the colonel of the 22nd Logistic and Services Battalion to the 2nd Army Region. The catalyst for this move stemmed from an online furor ignited by revelations of conscripts being levied a 500 baht fee for septic tank maintenance, among other unjustified expenses. Esor News 3, a Facebook page, shared a conscript’s salary slip, triggering widespread outrage and allegations of corruption among high-ranking authorities.

Commander of the 2nd Army Region, Adul Boon-dhamcharoen, intervened, clarifying that the leaked document was a misunderstanding, insisting that the official salary slip issued deducted only necessary expenses, leaving each conscript with 6,170 baht. However, acknowledging the dent in the RTA’s reputation, Adul pledged a thorough investigation and preventive measures. Consequently, the colonel of the 22nd Logistics and Services Battalion, Archawin, found himself transferred to the 2nd Army Region during the investigation.

The recent directive scrapping the controversial 500 baht fee for septic tank maintenance marks a significant development following widespread criticism and confusion. E-Sor Crushing News 3, a Facebook page, initially spotlighted the issue, revealing conscripts’ frustration over exorbitant deductions, particularly the 500 baht fee per head. The ensuing online debate underscored a growing demand for transparency and fairness in conscript expenses.

In response to public pressure, the unit swiftly rescinded the fee, eliciting praise for its responsiveness and commitment to rectifying perceived injustices. However, the incident underscores the persistent financial strains on conscripts, necessitating ongoing scrutiny to ensure equitable treatment and adherence to policy guidelines. This episode underscores the potency of social media in galvanizing change and advocates for a comprehensive review of conscript expenses to safeguard their entitlements and uphold accountability.


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