Thailand Considers Hosting F1 Race in Pattaya


Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin announced on Sunday that he visited Pattaya over the weekend to evaluate the potential of hosting a Formula One (F1) race near Jomtien Beach. The Prime Minister outlined the exploration of two F1 race types: city races and circuit races.

In a Facebook post today, Srettha explained that the U-Tapao airport project includes a facility for circuit racing, offering maximum safety standards. Concurrently, both Bangkok and Pattaya are being considered for city races, with Bangkok providing an urban “City of Angels” route and Pattaya offering a scenic beachside course.

Following his inspection in Pattaya, Srettha noted that if Jomtien Beach is selected as the race site, significant upgrades to the route and the construction of additional facilities, such as grandstands, will be necessary.

While acknowledging the challenges of organizing an F1 race, the Prime Minister emphasized the substantial tourism revenue such an event could generate for Thailand.

Officials and stakeholders involved in the assessment joined Prime Minister Srettha during his Pattaya visit to support the potential F1 initiative.


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