Details for Advertorial - Restaurant

Thanks for your interest, we will now explain the process and your options as well.


Videos aim to be around 30 seconds long give or take.  They are usually comprised on the following;

  • Cooking process (normally in the kitchen)
  • Hero shots (final shots of plated food shot in a cinematically elegant way)
  • Interview ( with manger/owner/chef who introduce and explain the dish a bit and perhaps the restaurant as well)

Shooting Process

We shoot 3 videos in a period of 5 hours, even though we release videos monthly, to be efficient and achieve our low price points we need to shoot 3 videos together.  (If you cannot or don’t want to shoot 3 videos together, extra fees will apply.)

Video Ownership

As per our terms and conditions, ownership of the video remains with our publication.  If you would like to own the video you need to buy it out.  Please contact us for buyout fees.

One of the advantages of our advertorials is the ability to decide which target market you would like us to target.  Below please fill out your details, your locality where your advertorial is to publish and your preferred target mix.

Target Selection Form

Below is your opportunity to let us know what your preferred target mix is