Our Property Developer advertising package - 25,000 Monthly

Promote your Property Development

If you are looking to make more of an impact in your locality and would like to take advantage of the power of video.  Then we invite you to participate in our advertorials story format. Our publication is all about your locality and it’s lifestyle, such as the various restaurants, hotels, spas, and other kinds of businesses that help make your locality, what it is.  We supplement this content with general news of a national or international nature. We strive to promote your business message, contextualised amongst content that people are interested in, whilst expanding your market and reach, specifically to those living in your locality and visiting the area. 


Native advertorials for furniture & simliar stores

฿ 25,000฿ 50,000 /mo
(6 month contract per LDP)
  • Written article published in our local publication
  • Video Ad on Social Media
  • Targeting boosting guaranteed 50,000 views
  • Featured on our Youtube Channel our local area
  • Photos featured in our Instagram channel

Educate your market

We suggest a monthly video that seeks to educate your market. For them to buy from you, they need to understand your property, or more importantly, the ways in which your property development can bring an enhanced lifestyle to the consumer. We suggest using 6 stories (including video) over 6 months in order to fully educate the market on all your benefits. You can have stories that show the rooms, stories that show the facilities and also stories that show that local area. Do keep in mind, your clients are not only buying a room, they are buying into a location or an area, so what that locale has to offer, will matter to them! Hence use regular videos to present different facets of the services your property offers. Video has a compelling power to influence audiences, with a recall and retention rate of message like no other. When combined with social targeting you have a highly effective platform in which to reach your prospective clients.

Target your audience

With the backing of years of digital marketing experience, we are able to target the appropriate viewers. and your potential clients who are interested in property. We have audiences already created that are known to be interested in property purchases. We even suggest running what is know as a Facebook instant experience coupled with the video and also leading to a signup form. That way we can harvest potential interest with supplied emails/phone numbers.

Launch your property photos campaign on Instagram

We will make sure that photos from your story (either supplied by you or taken by us) are inserted into our Instagram page for your locality. You will then be able to profit from the interest we have generated from locals and visitors alike.

Example Youtube videos

Please find below a Youtube playlist of previous videos we have done